Durable and Functional Wood Building by Leland’s of Stephenville

We specialize in building outdoor structures including she-sheds, man-caves and lady-lairs for those who require additional space. Built like custom homes, our sheds and shells are durable, reliable and suited to serve whatever function they may be intended for.

One day a recreational space for hobbyists, another day an at-home workshop space — our backyard storage sheds are multifunctional structures that provide a great value for money! If you’re looking for professional shed builders in Stephenville, TX, look no further! We offer a variety of shed home models that can address your style and storage needs.

Our sheds are made by local craftsman and all our buildings are designed using the best available materials in the most environment friendly manner! Scroll down and have a look at some of the great buildings we create.

We use only the best trim and siding from LP SmartGuard and TechShield Radiant Barrier.

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Lofted Barns

If you’re looking for versatility as well as durability, our Lofted Barn is the design for you.

The Lofted Barns are ideal for storage but can also be decorated for added aesthetic. Offering ample space, this model includes other useful features such as dual lofts, radiant barrier, and hurricane clips.

Side entry lofted barns are also ideal as storage for your zero-turn lawnmower and both front and side entry designs are perfect for clutter reduction.

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If you don’t need the space a full sized cabin offers but would like a little something you can call your own, our Cabinette models are for you.

These, along with our Cottages, can be used as a man-cave, she-shed, ranch hand housing or even a home gym.

With hurricane clips, pressure treated runners, radiant barrier ceilings and a 29 gauge metal roof, our Cabinette designs are as durable as they are cozy!

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Garden Sheds

Our Garden Sheds are sturdy and build of premium quality materials. They make for appealing additions to your outdoor space and also offer you room for storage and other such purposes.

Besides helping to organize your gardening stuff, our Garden Sheds can also be used as work spaces.

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Our Chalet models are more spacious than our Cabinette designs and are ideally suited as an unfinished cabin that you can finish out yourself. They also serve well as home studios or office spaces.

Like all of our Defender Series buildings, the Chalet comes standard with hurricane clips, radiant barrier and ¾ BC plywood flooring.

With a classic timeless aesthetic and a touch of luxury, this model is most definitely a worthy investment.

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Our Cottage model is a beautiful work of craftsmanship. It is perfect for use as a small office space, as a studio, as a getaway in the woods or even as a hunting cabin.

Offering all our standard features such as moisture barriers and quality building materials, our Cottage models are highly recommended.

And like our Cabinettes, these make great lady-lairs and man-caves.

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Leland’s answers the question of “Will my HOA allow this?” with our newly added Studio design. The Studio provides an attractive single slope design with lower back-wall heights without sacrificing functionality and style. This shed will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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Green House

Our Green House models are made of a wood frame, 29 gauge metal, Poly-carbonate Panel and are designed to provide conditions ideal for your plants to grow and thrive.

With three crank out windows, a gable roof and 5/4 deck boards, our green house models are not just practical, they are also aesthetically appealing!

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